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just like starting over...   
07:48pm 05/02/2010
mood: determined
i have to start over again...
recent loss of job and infinite creativity = new direction.
i have a ton of stuff to get rid of, sell, give away, sort through.
if you are local (and you know if you are) hit me up.
if you are not (and you know if you are) still hit me up...postage is a small price to pay for inspiration!
missed you all, and am working on some exciting stuff.
will try to keep you posted,
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t-shirt craftiness...   
07:17pm 30/05/2008
mood: artistic
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all work and no play makes redtastic something something...   
10:25am 10/12/2007
mood: busy
this is what i do now...
i work at michael's as the event coordinator my store...so really, i got not complaints!
miss you guys...
happy holidays!
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long time...no post.   
12:16pm 27/06/2006
mood: busy
life has been going....job interviews, karaoke, summer break, car trouble, strange days...but still going!

hope all are well....i'm getting my ass motivated to clean some house (on so many levels ;-) and hope to have a big update soon,

first 5 year old student...   
05:59pm 18/05/2006
mood: amused
this afternoon i had my youngest student (in the sweat shop) a 5 year old little boy. he wanted to make an apron like his mother made (apparently he hasn't stopped wearing it since she brought it home last week. so, he made himself a little art apron out of the same fabrics. he did 75% of the sewing, and his mom finished it for him after he and the bri went on a play break...child labor laws are such a pain ;-)

the bri started one too, that i finished, and i will get pix of them tomorrow during their after school art class (they are using acrylics tomorrow :-)

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quick update post...   
06:04pm 09/04/2006
mood: tired
the sewing classes are going well...i have 4 offical students (not counting the bri) and am working towards getting some more.
the school is letting me put up a poster/ad for the classes (36" tall by 26" wide near the parent boxes, so lots o'coverage ;-)
i'm working on the poster today, along with tearing apart over 10 years of magazines that i have been storing (martha, country living and home, bhg, romantic home, victoria [that's not even in print anymore] and an assortment of others)...i keep my mehc intact and have every issue since the premier!!!
i'm planing a wedding for a friend...having some fun with that and love the creative outlet (planing a dream wedding and all :-)
the garage is still improving!!!
i traded with the bri's art teacher, one months extra after school lessons ($108 plus supply fee) for a necklace and earrings, and she visited the my garage and wants to photograph it (hope that means she likes it)!
so this isn't just a text post, here is a pic of two of the girls, one in her finished pj bottoms and the other hamin' it up...
hamin' it up...
will post more pix soon...have some cute student pix with projects to upload this week...
take care and hope all are well,
more pix of the garage/almost studio!!!   
09:53am 29/03/2006
mood: accomplished
with tour guide bri!
a fun corner...
this is the right corner of my work bench... behind the bri is a folding store display that has a bunch o' vintage fabric and embroidered pieces waiting to be transformed...to her right is my beading area, with suppies, boxes in progress, vintage stuff...etc....

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posting tease....   
10:57am 27/03/2006
mood: devious
here is a sneak peak of my cleaned up garage/almost studio!!! (more tomorrow, i promise ;-)
almost a real studio....
and a link to remind you of what it looked like...
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pillow pix!   
10:49am 27/03/2006
mood: amused
the girls finished their pillows (except for the bri, she wants to emboider an apron for one of her dolls :-)
they did a great job...and fell in love with french knots!
Dare to dream
this one says "Dare to dream" and has lazy daisies in the corners and a french knot dragon fly.
and this one is polka dotted with french knots!
quilts for the school's silent auction...   
10:41am 27/03/2006
mood: accomplished
for this years silent auction, i made 3 quilts (one for each class group).
having never before made a quilt, i decided that an 80" by 80" multi-colored creations would be the best way to start!
each child drew a heart in magic marker and wrote thier name, i traced their hands a appliqued the heck out of them...the quilt tops took me 4 soild days of work to complete...
huge quilt!!!
top left corner
top right
the school made $400 on the three quilts, but i'm leaving the sewing to the girls next year!!!
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long time, no pix...   
10:11am 24/03/2006
mood: chipper
but got some now!
i've been teaching some girls how to sew (machine, embroider, hand, simple pattern design...that sort of thing) and i have some pix of their first project...an apron!
check out the fabrics on this one barbe!!!very cheery cherries!and of course, the bri!
the girls did so well...no pattern, all that ironing, picking out their own fabrics, and learning all about their machines!!!
more pix to come...and bonus, teaching these young ladies has me cleaning out my garage!!! there is actually an 8 foot table in there and they are able to sit at sewing machines! i promise pix of the studio (cause its so much more than a garage already ;-) real soon!!!!
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10:20am 13/03/2006
mood: contemplative
New Website Layout
Please check out the pages and let me know what you think. I'm trying to make the site easier to use, shorten the page lengths and not be so busy...a general spruse up...

new website layout...

Please, please , please let me know what you think!!!!!
Thanks in advance,
some exciting news...   
03:39pm 07/03/2006
mood: excited
my friend

is featured in the next issue of mehc!

i got an advance copy cause she has one of my ornament heart wreaths in her office and it made the magazine!!!
plus, they list my website and phone number as a source....i'm really excited!
back to work on updating my website....
hope you're all doing great :-)
and the beat goes on...   
03:19pm 10/02/2006
mood: busy
no rest for the wicked! i finally got the programs i need to maintain my websites (my 2 and my daughters schools) and burn the schools DVD's installed to one of the computers at the bri's school!!!
now, i can get some stuff done
updated the school's website, got ride of a ton o'crap that is no longer relevant on my product site and updated the sold items (i really have to get pix of the new products i have because there is hardly anything left on the site )
i've made some watches today...both to fill orders (one is red & floral and the other is red & purple).
had a lovely lunch with one of my girlfriends and now am off to make some more jewelry...busy, busy!
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life has been full of drama/trauma...   
03:56pm 09/02/2006
mood: busy
but there is no where to go but up from here!
in a couple weeks, the new insurance should approve my zoloft (after 3 different layers of weaker crap whose side effects have been no fun).
the bri got her first 100% on her spelling tests last friday!!!!
the bri's chore chart is working out great...she's robbing me blind 1 quarter at a time...
i'm one step closer to getting my computer back!!!
i've installed microsoft frontpage on one of the computers at the bri's school, so i should be able to get my websites update!!!!!!!!
i've been designing some uber-cool jewelry (and am so modest ;-) that should photograph well...here's to hoping it sells well &
i miss you all and hope all is well with you :-)
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03:55pm 09/02/2006
mood: calm
If there is someone on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.
sick, sick, sick...   
09:05am 24/01/2006
mood: busy
~yucky sick right now, but it appears i'm on the mend!
~was able to get my size 10's over the thighs and bum, and if i tried real hard i could probably button them, but i just don't do that to myself, its enough that they made it up :^)
~cleaned the seashell bathroom yesterday (in an effort to sweat the evil out)...floor, tub, shower doors (i took them off to clean, folks) medicine cabinet, mirrors, walls, toilet and sink...today i just have to clear off the turquoise shelf to dust, polish, de-clutter and get my bath towels out of the tiny linen closet and free up that space!
~worked my vintage child's toy dressers into my bedroom, on the tops of real dressers and such. it helps to keep the clutter hidden and the jewelry dust free. (i have been really making a ton of jewelry, mostly for me, and incorporating lots of my friends art charms and such to them, very pleased with myself ;^)
~the bri's room is really getting better, today i will probably clear out another 4 big bags o'toys and such.
~i have read 7 books this year, not bad considering that last year this time i hadn't read a book for pleasure since i had been forced to because of air travel!
~i started sketching (something i don't feel confident doing) cause there have been fairy's flying around in my head for weeks and they will not let me rest until i get them out. i'm going to be working them into some watercolour projects in the next month or so...
~still no computer, so i can't upload any pix of the stuff i'm doing (very frustrating, but not enough that i've stopped doing things :^)

hope you are all doing well this year~
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weight of the world...   
09:31am 13/01/2006
mood: chipper
it's official, i need to shed some pounds...about 40 but 20 will be a good start
notes to self:
start drinking more water
walk 4 miles a day instead of 2
cut back on sweet lady caffine aka coca cola
relax more, laugh more, dance more
i will be a size 8 again, but right now i'm working on a 10...
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hard to handle...   
08:52am 09/01/2006
mood: annoyed
stupid hmo's...
husband got a new one, now my mental doc isn't covered.
went to refill my zoloft, not only won't they cover it, they won't release it.
shitty friday, average saturday, scarey sunday.
it's monday now, i guess everything is all right
another new year...   
11:21am 03/01/2006
  still no computer, but i got a new digital camera from santa!
the family is doing well.
i've been crocheting like crazy, making jewelry and cleaning house like mad!
miss many of my friends but have been having a great time with the ones i get to hang out with...
hope all are having a fabulous new year and your holidays were magical :-)
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